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Fear of Flowers Part 1

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time for a change
done with the lifestyle - feeling trapped by love.
That sounds so tacky, but I don’t want to exist in this way of being anymore.
have to start thinking beyond the ‘we’ and take care of me.
I am going to be something.
I am going to be great.
I have the power and potential to change the goddamn world.
I want so badly for that to be we
But right now I have to focus on
I wish you could see how important creating is to me.
A craft, no matter how big or small
Is my therapy.
One day it will make me somebody.
I Love You. With every inch of my skin and every ounce of my soul.
I Love You. More than I can even bare.
I just don’t want to feel like I’m loosing myself anymore.
I don’t want to be a cheerleader.
I don’t want to be a prize on the sidelines.
I want to be me.
All of me.
And I am so beyond ready.
I just want you to see

Over it„ every thing every one
Over it
I don’t think I’m ever going to figure out how to properly function in this world
time to run away to the circus
Goodbye everyone

we finally made it home and baby’s passed out on the couch snoring all soft n being so goddamn precious.

I can’t wait to tell everyone that my favorite part of this past week above all else was how much closer this experience brought us to one another, and how intense our energy has become.

Love you with all my heart, Mr. Breakfast, from today to the end of time.

We’re about to change the world, fuckers. Better watch out.

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Salvatore Rosa; Witchcraft scene


psychedelicway: Milton Glaser


psychedelicway: Milton Glaser

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